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Here's what readers are saying about Servant. Leave your review on Amazon and goodreads today!

What an amazingly fun, fast-paced, and poignant novel! With colorful characters and forensic accuracy, the author creates an original and smart supernatural mystery for modern sensibilities. Exuding Southern charm and urban sophistication, the narrator ferries the reader through a labyrinthine investigation, populated by fascinating and relatable personalities, of a horrific crime to a shocking and satisfying conclusion. The conflict between America’s puritanical roots and its progressive ideals is deftly actualized in this fanciful and captivating tale.

…Mitch and Buck come to life in this small-town mystery. The characters’ dynamic relationship is realistic and fun. The reader will feel like a trusted friend and will be kept guessing until the last pages!...

…we get it all in a great thriller that keeps us turning pages to solve the mystery of the past right along with Mitch and Buck...lead characters in a book who just “happen” to be gay and not a main plot point. Refreshing and a welcome addition to the gay fiction genre. Looking forward to seeing what Mr. Field writes next.

An incredible journey…will keep you wanting more…a must read for all fans of suspense, love and intrigue…Looking forward to more from this new talent.

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